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Learning Spanish, Nicaragua

Learning Spanish in Central America (Part 2 – Nicaragua)

Beauty Pageant Nicaragua

Well after my month down in the Orosi Valley, I figured learning Spanish whilst on the road isn’t just a great way to improve your language skills but also a great way for a solo traveller to meet people and get to know the community. So once again I hit the internet again looking for …

Costa Rica, Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish in Central America (Part 1 – Costa Rica) Toucan

What’s a few thousand miles to go and learn Spanish.. Coming from UK I had taken some lessons in Alicante but it was winter in ‘sunny Spain’ and a tad cold (they just dont put the heating on..) so I decided to look further afield as I was keen to crack the lingo.  So after …


Saranda – Albania – My first trip to Albania

Go live and Travel Sarande Albania

I arrived in Albania for the first time by ferry from Corfu and what a great way to journey to this amazing place. It was an hours ride on a small ferry, which cost about 30 euros. It was a late September warm sunny afternoon and the sun was shimmering on the lovely azure blue …