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Learning Spanish in Central America (Part 1 – Costa Rica) Toucan

What’s a few thousand miles to go and learn Spanish.. Coming from UK I had taken some lessons in Alicante but it was winter in ‘sunny Spain’ and a tad cold (they just dont put the heating on..) so I decided to look further afield as I was keen to crack the lingo.  So after some research I came across some schools in Costa Rica and off I went.

Orosi Valley

I settled on a school in the town of Orosi, in the Orosi valley, 35km south of the capital San Jose. A lovely town, full of friendly people, who call out ‘adios’ to greet you as you pass by. A small town with a supermarket, a couple of bars and several restaurants for the tourists that are passing through.

As nobody spoke any English it was truly immersion into the Spanish Language. Although I found the Costa Rican accent or more the Orosi accent quite strong and sometimes difficult to make out the words, I improved greatly, practicing in the local shops and bars in my spare time whilst enjoying ‘Cerveza Imperial’, with anyone really who would chat and that was pretty much everyone as they are such a friendly bunch.

There were a couple of schools but I chose a school where I could enjoy a family stay in their own home with the teacher and her family. Breakfast and evening meal with the family and any other students thay were staying. I always found it funny how us students would converse badly in our pidgeon Spanish, struggling to make ourselves understood. I’m surprised the host family could keep a straight face!

Deep in the heart of ‘coffee country’ with coffee plantations everywhere, it’s surprising as you can go exploring and find yourself out in the wild within a few minutes walk, with lush forest and some beautiful Macaws up in the trees.

Fresh air, great people and amazing scenery, the Orosi valley is a great place to get away and learn Spanish in a relaxing off the track location.




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