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Hi, I’m Dave, thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the site..
I’ve been passionate about travel all my life, always looking for hidden gems off the beaten track. For me it’s all about the people and the culture. Also as a keen photographer, through my images and travel blogs I hope to bring to life these wonderful people and places. Now over 40, I want to show the world you’re never too old to hit the road and explore…

Get some memories behind you, keep life simple and do something positive each and every day.

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The Albanian Riviera

Fancy a beach all to yourself, with beautiful clear crystal blue water, golden sand and lovely warm sunshine then all you have to do is explore the Beautiful Albanian Riviera.. From mid May to September the quiet, largely undiscovered West coast of Albania comes to life, it is called the Albanian Riviera for its array …

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The Amazing Blue Eye – Albania

On the road between Gjirokaster and Sarande, both of which are must see loactions for different reasons, lies ‘The Amazing Blue Eye’. It’s a natural water phenomenon where a powerful natural crystal clear water spring bubbles up from beneath the lake creating a deep blue eye effect. It is quite a stunning sight and well …

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Lake Ohrid and the Old Town

Lake Ohrid – Macedonia This is a great place to visit, a clear crystal blue water lake surrounded by beautiful countryside on one side and mighty snow capped mountains on the other. The beautiful Old Town of Ohrid sits nestled on the North East side of the lake and is a great stop off on …

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Update on Gjirokaster – Renovation and Restoration 2017

After the success of my last article regarding this beautiful city, I thought it best to let you know that there have been some major improvements in the Bazaar (The Old Town) of Gjirokaster since my last visit. Check out the article ‘Gjirokaster and the people of Southern Albania’ on the following link. http://goliveandtravel.com/gjirokaster-and-the-people-of-southern-albania/ If …

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