Month: July 2017


San Juan del Sur – My introduction to Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur

Nicaragua is a great country to visit for the open minded traveller, it has so much to see and do. It is so diverse in its people, culture and traditions. I have been back many times and still find something new and exciting every visit. It should appeal to the budget conscious adventurer for the …


Gjirokaster and the people of Southern Albania

Gjirokaster Castle

Like most travellers, I only intended on staying for a couple of days when I arrived in Gjirokaster. You know tick off the tourist checklist, the mighty castle peering down over the old town and the entire valley. The cold war tunnel, a relic of Communist Albania and of course the well crafted 19thCentury Ottoman …

guatemala, Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish in Central America (Part 3 – Guatemala)

Go live and Travel - Tikal Guatemala

After Nicaragua, I decided to head up to Guatemala, everyone I was bumping into was saying ‘go to Antigua, in Guatemala’, a colonial town in the heart of the Mayan country on Lake Atitlan. Great schools, great adventures to be had with live volcanoes, kayaking and trekking. Also great bars and restaurants and a steady …

Learning Spanish, Nicaragua

Learning Spanish in Central America (Part 2 – Nicaragua)

Beauty Pageant Nicaragua

Well after my month down in the Orosi Valley, I figured learning Spanish whilst on the road isn’t just a great way to improve your language skills but also a great way for a solo traveller to meet people and get to know the community. So once again I hit the internet again looking for …

Costa Rica, Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish in Central America (Part 1 – Costa Rica) Toucan

What’s a few thousand miles to go and learn Spanish.. Coming from UK I had taken some lessons in Alicante but it was winter in ‘sunny Spain’ and a tad cold (they just dont put the heating on..) so I decided to look further afield as I was keen to crack the lingo.  So after …


Saranda – Albania – My first trip to Albania

Go live and Travel Sarande Albania

I arrived in Albania for the first time by ferry from Corfu and what a great way to journey to this amazing place. It was an hours ride on a small ferry, which cost about 30 euros. It was a late September warm sunny afternoon and the sun was shimmering on the lovely azure blue …