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The Amazing Blue Eye – Albania

Amazing Blue Eye - Albania

On the road between Gjirokaster and Sarande, both of which are must see loactions for different reasons, lies ‘The Amazing Blue Eye’. It’s a natural water phenomenon where a powerful natural crystal clear water spring bubbles up from beneath the lake creating a deep blue eye effect. It is quite a stunning sight and well …


Update on Gjirokaster – Renovation and Restoration 2017

Gjirokaster Bazaar Old Town -

After the success of my last article regarding this beautiful city, I thought it best to let you know that there have been some major improvements in the Bazaar (The Old Town) of Gjirokaster since my last visit. Check out the article ‘Gjirokaster and the people of Southern Albania’ on the following link. If …


Gjirokaster and the people of Southern Albania

Gjirokaster Castle

Like most travellers, I only intended on staying for a couple of days when I arrived in Gjirokaster. You know tick off the tourist checklist, the mighty castle peering down over the old town and the entire valley. The cold war tunnel, a relic of Communist Albania and of course the well crafted 19thCentury Ottoman …


Saranda – Albania – My first trip to Albania

Go live and Travel Sarande Albania

I arrived in Albania for the first time by ferry from Corfu and what a great way to journey to this amazing place. It was an hours ride on a small ferry, which cost about 30 euros. It was a late September warm sunny afternoon and the sun was shimmering on the lovely azure blue …