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Nicaragua is huge, it is an amazing country with so much to see and do, it could take a year just exploring it’s diversity of culture. Generally, it is a very warm and sunny place with so many interesting places to check out from the Colonial towns such as the ever popular Granada and Leon, the caribbean coast with isolated Puerto Cabezas in the north or the more backpacker spot of Bluefields to the east. Matagalpa and Esteli in the central north region has a cooler wetter climate perfect for the agriculture. Of course let’s not forget the beach resort of San Juan del Sur on the pacific for the surfing and party crowds.

I have spent quite a lot of time in Nicaragua and travelled to many of cities and smaller towns. Along the way I have made some good Nicaraguan friends and enjoy being part of the family when I visit.

However, I still haven’t been to Bluefields or the Corn Islands, something I will have to rectify on the next journey to this wonderful land.

The people are truly wonderful, so friendly and warm. They are proud of their heritage and their strength as a nation as having had a history full of revolution, war and conflict. The recent civil war of the 1980s still fresh and painful for some but generally the people have moved on; never forgetting the past.

The food is traditional with some interesting takes on already established dishes like guacamale, Nicaraguan Guacamol is for me richer and tastier as it blends other ingredients like boiled eggs.. go try it!

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Granada, Nicaragua is a great place for a visit. A colourful colonial town on Lake Nicaragua full of history and charm.  Provided you don’t mind it too hot and sweaty (as the temperatures hover in the mid 30s) you’re in for a treat. I first went there a few years ago to study Spanish and …

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