The Amazing Blue Eye – Albania

Amazing Blue Eye - Albania

On the road between Gjirokaster and Sarande, both of which are must see loactions for different reasons, lies ‘The Amazing Blue Eye’. It’s a natural water phenomenon where a powerful natural crystal clear water spring bubbles up from beneath the lake creating a deep blue eye effect. It is quite a stunning sight and well worth a visit if you’re on that road. It is a very popular tourist attraction and many day trippers come to see the ‘Blue Eye’ and to bathe in the fantastic clear water.

dave at Amazing Blue Eye Albania
Chilling at the Amazing Blue Eye after a paddle

There are a couple of bungalows you can rent for the night to enjoy the peace when all the day trippers have gone home. A good bar and restaurant with a seating area on the edge of the lake. A great place to enjoy a cold Tirana Beer.

If youre coming on a minibus just ask the driver to drop you off at the ‘Amazing Blue Eye’ and when you are finished just for another mininbus going your way. It’s only about a 20 minute walk from main road.
The Amazing Blue Eye - Albania -
Its a cool place to just chill out for a while. Come enjoy this natural wonder!




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