Update on Gjirokaster – Renovation and Restoration 2017

Gjirokaster Bazaar Old Town -

After the success of my last article regarding this beautiful city, I thought it best to let you know that there have been some major improvements in the Bazaar (The Old Town) of Gjirokaster since my last visit. Check out the article ‘Gjirokaster and the people of Southern Albania’ on the following link.

Main street Girokaster 2017 scaffolding -
Major disruption – Gjirokaster Center

If you recall I said that ‘it needed renovation works’ and that it was ‘in need of a facelift’. Well as if by magic, there has been a project called Gjirokaster in White, by the Albanian Development Fund which as it says, is a project with many sources of finance to transform the streets and buildings from tired, sometimes crumbling structures to pristine condition like it would have looked back in the day, some 200 years ago.

There has been some major works undertaken, restoring, rebuilding if necessary and repointing the stone walls for the historic houses in and around the centre of the city. Restoring the solid stone roofs using traditional methods.

Gjirokaster restoration and renovation 2017 -

It’s great news and the people are very excited for the coming tourist seasons as they will have a Historic Stone City worthy of gracing the world stage. It has been a long slog with many businesses affected in the short term by necessary closures and intrusive scaffolding but the people have managed to keep smiling and greet the many diverse tourists that come in their customary cheerful and friendly manner.

As a result of the Investment, empty shops in backstreets are now brought back to life and the ‘Gjirokastrit’ (person from Gjirokaster) are now personally investing and everyday new shops, bars and restaurants are opening.

Gjirokaster Bazaar Old Town - Renovation -
Good Quality workmanship

Come see this wonderful place, stay for a while and get to know the people of Gjirokaster. You won’t regret it!

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